Sponsor a Project GRAD High School Graduate

November 20, 2023

Since 2001, Project GRAD, an initiative of Knox Ed, has inspired countless students to recognize and reach their full potential in high school, college, and in their career. On Sunday, April 10th, we will celebrate 20 years of Project GRAD Excellence by inducting another exemplary class of Scholars at our 2022 Annual Scholars Celebration Dinner. Our Annual Scholars Celebration Dinner is an opportunity for Scholars and their families to come together to celebrate the bright future ahead and recognize the extraordinary achievements of each graduate. This year, we will celebrate 130 seniors: 55 from Austin-East High School and 75 from Fulton High School.

We invite you to consider serving as a 2022 Project GRAD Champion. Project GRAD Champions make our Annual Scholars Celebration Dinner possible by sponsoring a student, family, or table for this momentous event. These contributions ensure that our Scholars and their families are celebrated in a manner commensurate with the hard work and dedication they have exhibited over the course of their academic career.