Exceeding Expectations in Education

Exceeding Expectations
in Education

The Knox Education Foundation (KEF) is a catalyst for transforming public education to achieve excellent outcomes for all students. KEF’s core values include accountability, equity, innovation, courage and hope. Our role as a convener, catalyst, champion and cheerleader, and critical friend is very important to how we exceed expectations in education.

KEF has identified five focus areas and will fulfill its mission by prioritizing resources, investing in talent and conducting research in overall third grade reading proficiency; overall middle school math proficiency; enrollment in higher education, credentialing program or armed services; access to quality PreK; and recruitment and retention of effective educators.

Advancing Student Success

Student Success

KEF will initiate and advance research-based initiatives. We will expand evidence-based solutions; facilitate student outcomes; provide needed academic support and community resources; and assess post-secondary opportunities and community resources.

Advocate for Accountability and Outcomes

Advocate for Accountability
and Outcomes

KEF will advocate for systems-level change through school improvement strategies, policy and academic goals that develop and sustain quality learning environments for all students. Using a student-centered approach, we will evaluate data and outcomes to inform decision-making, assess current practices and identify future initiatives to improve academic outcomes for all students.

Catalyst in School and Systems Innovation

Catalyst in School and
Systems Innovation

KEF will research, identify and pilot innovative strategies to improve academic outcomes for all students. We will foster educational initiatives that range from district wide to targeted locations, such as supporting meaningful opportunities for educator professional development; spearheading strategies to support post-secondary transitions; and advocating for increasing PreK access. KEF focuses on supporting Knox County Schools’ four priority areas:

  • Excellence in foundational skills
  • Great educators in every school
  • College and career empowerment and preparation
  • Success for every student

For KEF, this includes advancing strategies and initiatives aimed at increasing overall third-grade reading and middle-school math proficiency rates; removing barriers in education; ensuring students have pathways to enroll in postsecondary studies, enlist in service or secure employment; and ensuring that educators are trained, developed and retained to provide the best learning experience for their students.


Recognized Leader in Public Education Support

KEF will be known as an integral partner and convener in transforming public education. We will develop partnerships in education issues, actively engage the business community for workforce development and raise community awareness to support public education.

Thriving and Sustainable Organization

Thriving and
Sustainable Organization

KEF will develop diversified funding streams to provide a strong financial foundation. We will increase donor support and identify new prospects; create a professional fund development team; address operational systems to increase capacity; consolidate disparate fundraising efforts; and create special fundraising events.